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The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists, founded in 1991, is a United Kingdom based organisation representing Behavioural Optometry. Its aims are to develop, disseminate,  and promote training and awareness of the Behavioural approach to vision care, both to the profession of optometry and to the public and other professions at large.

BABO offers many continuing education opportunities throughout the year including their Optometric Vision Therapy course series made up of five separate courses from beginner level to advanced techniques. For more information about BABO and their educational opportunities, visit their website and watch this space as they begin to offer more through the I HEART VT platform.

Upcoming Seminars:
Vision in Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Presented by Dr. Vassilis Kokotas

Registration is open!

Recordings of the sessions will be available for anyone who has registered.

Open to BABO members only until August 22nd for discounted rate of £115

The British Association of Behavioural Optometrists presents: 

Vision in Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Presented by Vassilis Kokotas

Session 1: 

Session 2: 

Session 3: 

Session 4: 

4 March 2023

4 March 2023

5 March 2023

5 March 2023

10:00 am US ET / 3:00 pm BST
2:00 pm US ET / 7:00 pm BST
10:00 pm US ET / 3:00 pm BST
2:00 pm US ET / 7:00 pm BST


Course Description:

During this course we will review the current theories about autism and focus more
on the visual perceptual processing which provide the basis for many characteristic
behaviors. Since this seminar is meant to be practical and useful, we will provide insights
about the most frequent stereotypic behaviors (extreme position gazing, eccentric viewing,
flapping hands, rocking, spinning, etc.) from an optometric point of view. The role of eye
contact will be extensively discussed exploring avoidance in the autistic spectrum and the
ways attentional mechanisms are affected. Finally, tips for testing, prescribing and training
will be presented with emphasis on the use of yoked prisms.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Review of the different diagnoses in ASD and their characteristics

  • Neurological findings in ASD related to the visual process

  • Attentional mechanisms: From ADHD to Autism

  • Eye contact, eccentric viewing, and side viewing: What do they serve? 

  • Visual and motion perception: An optometric approach to stereotypic behaviors

  • Clinical reasoning and therapeutic approach

  • The use of lenses and yoked prisms in ASD


  • Cost: £149

  • Payment can be made by Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal Account

  • Refunds will not be available once the seminar begins. 

  • Registration includes access to the live seminar sessions, certificate of attendance, and access to the session recordings for 30 days following the final session.

8 BABO Gold points available for BABO members.

GOC CET points will not be provided.

  • This seminar is appropriate for Optometrists and Vision Therapists.

  • This seminar is presented in English.

  • Open to participants around the world.

Technical requirements for attending:

  • Stable internet connection

  • Zoom account

Speaker Bio: Dr. Vassilis Kokotas, BSc, DOptom, DHP, NCP


Vassilis graduated from Instituto Regionale di Studi Ottica e Optometria (Italy) in 1995 and received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Aston University (U.K.) in 2016. He has been providing vision therapy, vision care and rehabilitative services in private practice since 1998 in Athens, Greece and his special interest is focused on visual perception and cognition, psychological aspects of vision, and patients with special needs or neurological dysfunctions.


Apart from his clinical work he has been lecturing extensively on these topics and co-operates with the postgraduate programs of optometry and neurosciences of SAERA / IsabelI University, in Spain. He also serves on the peer review board of Optometry & Visual Performance. He was the recipient of the Kraskin Award in 2000 and is a past president of the Hellenic Academy of Optometry. He is also a clinical associate of OEPF and member of COVD and NORA.

Registration is open!

Recordings of the sessions will be available for 90 days after the final session for anyone who has registered.

Open to BABO members only until August 22nd for discounted rate of £115

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