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ACBO Members
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As part of your ACBO membership, you now have access to specially curated live webinar sessions hosted by ACBO on the I HEART VT platform! 


Your ACBO webinars are currently scheduled for Tuesdays at 18:00 hours Australian Eastern Standard Time. You can participate in these upcoming sessions live or watch the recorded versions at your convenience. 


You also have access to the following selection of existing I HEART VT content complimentary as part of your ACBO membership:


  • A place in space – helping patients with the binocular vision process by Meredith Graham


  • Case study – adult visual dysfunction by Bev Roberts


  • Protecting your patients and yourself from you missing paediatric pathology by Steve Leslie


  • Practical assessments and management for Parkinson's patients by Liz Wason


  • Bilaterally reduced visual acuities in children- assessment, diagnosis and management by Steve Leslie



Set up your account

If you have never created an I HEART VT account with your ACBO email:

Once registered you will have free access to the ACBO sessionslisted above. If you'd like access to the complete VT Archive of hundreds of sessions, you can purchase a plan here.

If you already have a paid I HEART VT subscription using your ACBO email: 

Once you log in, visit ACBO Sessions to access the sessions.

If you joined us in April but do not have a paid subscription reset your password, then log in:

How to join the sessions

Once you have created your account and log in, you can click the "ACBO Sessions" button below to see the list of sessions. Click the registration link to register before a session begins.

Join us for more great content!

Once you set up your account, you will have access to your ACBO member content. If you are interested in accessing any of the other wonderful content on the I HEART VT platform you will need to purchase a subscription. This will give you access to all of the content, live and recorded, on the platform! You can choose either a month to month 30 day subscription or a rolling, uninterrupted subscription that automatically renews each month. 

Coming for June we have an exclusive interview with Dr. “Stereo Sue” Barry hosted by Dr. Paul Harris as well as content from speakers David Cook, Richard Bruenech, Curt Baxstrom, Rob Lewis and more!  

ACBO Sessions


For any questions regarding your I HEART VT access please contact us at

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