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I Heart VT 2022
Bringing the VT Family Together!

If you participated in April, click "Set Password" below to update your personal account. April attendees will have access to April sessions in the VT Archive. If you have never registered for I Heart VT, please click the "Register" button below. Once registered, you will be able to purchase a subscription option to access the live sessions and the archived content.



The Conference

This year has seen an unprecedented disruption in the conference schedule of the vision therapy industry. In addition, many vision therapy providers and patients are facing serious hardship in providing and receiving vision care due to reduced ability to travel and in some cases mandated clinic closures. As a result of our tremendous event held in April, where over 2000 participants from 60 countries came together, Vivid Vision has dedicated to continue I HEART VT as a platform for low-cost access to virtual education for optometrists, vision therapists, students, and others active in vision care.  

Vivid Vision has partnered with ACBO, BABO, COVD, COMOF, CSO, VTC, NORA, ISVA, FEDOPTO, ALDOO, AMFECCO, SIODEC and VISION THERAPY PARENTS UNITE to bring you this brand new virtual education platform dedicated to optometry and vision therapy! Attend live sessions or watch the recordings at your convenience. Utilize the vast array of archived content for staff training, continuing education, and to supplement your own professional development. 

Content is applicable to vision care professionals including optometrists, vision therapists, optometry students, residents, and other allied health professionals.

The Conference


Best practices, theory, and everything in between

Each month features more live sessions from colleagues around the world! All live sessions are recorded and compiled into the VT Archive. The ever-growing VT Archive has over 225 sessions for you to view at your convenience covering topics such as:


Vision Therapy for Primary Care, Sports Vision, Prescribing for Astigmatism, Reading Based Learning Difficulties, Vision and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Optometric Practice after COVID 19, How to increase your vision therapy sign ups post COVID, Vision Therapy Demonstrations, Optometry’s Role in Working with Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Constructing Visual Space: SILO, SOLI, and Constancy, A Nutritional Approach to Treating Dry Eyes, The Infant Examination from a Developmental Perspective, Vision and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Syntonic Phototherapy Grand Rounds, Effect of psychiatric medication on vision in children, Diplopia after cataract surgery or with age, TBI Grand Rounds, Strabismus/Amblyopia Grand Rounds, Digital Eyestrain, Myopia Management, VO Star, Cheiroscopic Tracings, Parquetry Blocks, Primitive Reflexes, Lenses and Prisms, Yoked Prisms, Posture and Balance, Amblyopia Research Updates, Strabismus, Nystagmus, 1 on 1 Interviews, Q&A Sessions, Study Group style sessions, and MUCH MUCH MORE!



Speakers featured in I HEART VT include:

Glen Steele, Steve Leslie, Gregory Kitchener, Patrick Quaid, "Stereo Sue" Barry, Tom Headline, Pilar Vergara, Salvador Perez, Jennifer Kungle, Beverly Roberts, Joanna Carter, Meredith Graham, Neil Renaud, Gregory Kitchener, David Cook, Jesús Espinosa-Galaviz, Berenice Velázquez, Paul Harris, Joanna Carter, Steve Gallop, Elizabeth Cassillas, Samantha Slotnick, Stanley Tien, Larry Lampert, Jeff Anshel, Wendy Warner Copp, Patti Andrich, Alex Andrich, Charles Shidlofsky, Vassilis Kokotas, Robert Lederman, Jarrod Davies, Virginia Donati, Geoff Heddle, Michelle McKenzie, Lionel Kowal, Ben Thompson, Nuria Risco, Juan Portela Camino, Pamela Chinchilla, Rob Lewis, Randy Schulman, John Abbondanza, Kris Adams, Caroline Hurst, Tod Davis, Hans Lessman, Curt Baxstrom, Sarah Lane, Philip Bugaiski, Yazan Gammoh, Eric Hussey, Amy Thomas, Kavita Malhotra, Steven Curtis, Ignacio Morales, Edgar Gutierrez, DeAnn Fitzgerald, Efrain Castellanos, Marcela Camacho, Aditya Goyal, Pamela Nava, Tamara Petrosyan, Brenda Montecalvo, Steen Aalberg, Paul Rollett, Hannu Laukkanen, Pascal Blaser,  Renata Sanchez,  Anyella Malburg, Karine Rocha, Maxime Huard, Niall McCormack, Paul Graham, Sandra Medrano, Ben Backus, Laura Centeno, Nancy Torgerson, Lynn Hellerstein, and MANY MORE!


How to Connect

Get connected to the meeting

Installing Zoom

The conference uses the Zoom Conferencing Application to host the sessions. Speakers must install the Zoom Client for Meetings on your PC/Apple computer (not tablet/phone) by visiting this link. Your computer must have a microphone, speakers, and webcam (optional but recommended). Attendees can use the same link to install Zoom for the desktop, or join from their phone. If you have trouble use this detailed guide for connecting to a Zoom meeting.

Experiencing inconsistent internet connection while in Zoom, remove other devices from Wifi: turn off cell phone Wifi, other Wifi applications such as video gaming and streaming services.

Using Zoom
Hover your mouse over the bottom of the Zoom window to show the dashboard.


Audio and Video Settings

Enable Audio

Choose your audio source by selecting the arrow icon next to Join Audio or the Mute/Unmute

Enable Video

Select Start Video and choose your video source

Screen Sharing Settings


Chat Settings

Enable Screen Sharing

Share screen allows the Speaker to show their desktop view with the attendees. Click on the Share Screen icon and select Screen option to share your presentation. Additional options, such as a whiteboard, are available. To play video in your presentation, click on the Share Screen icon, and in the lower left corner of the pop-up, select Share Computer Sound.

View Chat

The chat window allows the Host/Co-Host, Speakers, and attendees to chat with each other during the session. Clicking on the Chat icon will open a panel that allows the user to chat publicly or send private messages to other participants


If your computer does not have a microphone and/or webcam, the Zoom Invitation contains a list of phone numbers in various countries to call into. Simply dial in the Meeting ID to join by voice.

If you have other technical issues, please contact us at 1-877-877-0310 and let us know you are having problems connecting to the conference.

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Step 1

Register an account

Step 2

Purchase membership

Once registered, you can purchase a monthly membership for $20/month to access current sessions and The VT Archive of recorded sessions.



Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign up for or access a session?

You can sign up for I Heart VT by going to the website Once registered, you will receive our email bulletins with details of how to sign up for individual sessions and the links to do so. These links are based on your registration type. Each presenter designated an acceptable audience for their presentation.

How do I access a session that has already happened?

Please use The VT Archive button at the top of the page to watch recorded sessions. Only people with an active I Heart VT membership will have access to the recorded sessions. ​Most recorded sessions from April will be available after July 1st. 


What sessions are included in The VT Archive?

Most recorded sessions are included, but some talks are not included by the request of the presenter, or if they are part of a larger event or course.

What languages are the sessions in?

Most sessions will be presented in English, but we do have sessions in Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, and Mandarin. These are labeled in the session title on the website calendar.

Do I need to pay for each session I want to attend?


No, your monthly membership gives you access to all the content throughout the Virtual Conference and access to the recorded sessions in The VT Archive. You can purchase a recurring subscription to maintain access or purchase 30 days of access.

What time zone are the sessions held in?

The calendar on the I Heart VT website defaults to your local time zone. You can use the drop-down feature to select any time zone in the world should you need to adjust. It is best to reference the website calendar for up to date session times. 

Are the sessions recorded?

Yes. Unless stated otherwise sessions are recorded and will be archived for later viewing. All I Heart VT conference attendees will have access to the recorded sessions using The VT Archive button at the top of the page.

What if I didn't receive a confirmation email?

If you didn't receive a confirmation email, please write to and we will check your status. Also, please check your spam folders. We send emails to the email address you provided during the registration process.

Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?


Yes. At the conclusion of each month, you will be emailed a certificate with a list of the qualifying live sessions you attended during the month. We do not track recording views for a Certificate of Attendance. Attendees are responsible for determining their individual state, territory, or country licensing rules and regulations regarding continuing education, and whether the sessions provided by I Heart VT may be applied to licensure requirements.


Do I have access to recordings if I don’t have a subscription?


April sessions will be available for 60 days for all attendees who donated in April. Sessions after this date will require an active subscription to access via The VT Archive


What is the difference between a single-month purchase and a subscription?

Subscriptions are recurring payments that will provide the subscriber with access to content for the duration of the subscription. A single-month purchase is a single payment that will provide the subscriber with access to content for a 30-day duration starting at the date of payment. View plan details here.


What forms of payment do you accept?


Payment by credit card or PayPal is accepted. If you have difficulty purchasing a recurring payment, it may work to use PayPal's guest checkout functionality for a single-month purchase.

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